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          Andrew Conway
          Chief Executive Officer

          A former Australian Government Treasury Ministry Chief of Staff, Andrew holds the record of being the youngest CEO of a public entity, appointed at just 28 years of age in 2009. Andrew has represented Australia at a range of international events including APEC, G20 and World Trade Organisation summits. Andrew's academic background and qualifications are in commerce, education and commercial law.

          In 2001 Andrew was awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal through the Order of Australia. Andrew was also awarded the 2011 Young Professional of the Year award and was appointed a Professor of Accounting (honoris causa) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and is an Adjunct Professor at Deakin University and Lanzhou University in China. Andrew has held statutory positions including as a Board Director of a large government agency (Eastern Health in Victoria).

          In November 2014, Andrew was announced as one of the AFR Boss Magazine's Young Executives of the Year and in 2015 was announced as the Young Alumni of the Year of Deakin University and is a current Vice Chancellors' Distinguished Fellow.

          Andrew leads the transformation of the IPA and pioneered the policy development of the landmark Australian Small Business White Paper and has consolidated the IPA's position in the global profession through leading the successful acquisition of the Institute of Financial Accountants in the UK to create the IPA Group.

          These, achievements, awards and academic appointments cements Andrew's position as one of Australia's leading and most promising CEOs.


          Brett Maloney
          Chief Operating Officer

          Brett, a Fellow of the IPA, holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting (RMIT University) and has held senior finance roles both in Australia and in the UK. Prior to joining the IPA, Brett has previously worked for ASX listed and private companies with commercial experience across the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Services sectors.

          Brett leads the IPA teams responsible for Finance & Treasury, Corporate Shared Services, Corporate Policy, Quality Assurance, ICT (including both infrastructure and application development). This includes responsibility for the delivery of the Institute’s member website and the development and deployment of efficient internal management systems. These are deliberately focused on maximizing value to members and contain many unique design benefits not often seen in the Not For Profit sector.


          Arthur Burt
          Group Executive Member Engagement

          The management, performance and strategic direction of the Member Growth/Business Development function across Australia fall under Arthur's remit as Group Executive Member Growth. This incorporates new member admissions, current member retention and overall engagement with stakeholders in the profession in a number of practice settings.

          Since starting with the IPA in February 2010 – bar an 8-month sabbatical in Pharmacy - Arthur has overseen significant membership growth both in terms of new members and retaining current members.

          Arthur brings a wealth of management, business development, marketing and communications knowledge gained over almost 30 years in Australia and in the UK. He has worked with some of the most recognised global brands in financial services. In that time, Arthur has been involved in all aspects of marketing communications, management, planning and research. His aim is to ensure the continued growth of the Institute of Public Accountants with the accompanying recognition of our members.

          Arthur holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Spanish from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.


          Catherine Atkinson
          Group Executive Member Growth, Marketing, and Events

          A strategic marketing leader with more than 25 years’ experience across the financial services sector. Catherine’s experience extends to all parts of the marketing and communications mix encompassing product marketing, communications, brand strategy, digital marketing, internal communications, loyalty programs and events. Catherine has worked for a range of businesses from not for profit through to multi-national corporations.

          Catherine heads up the Member Growth, Marketing, and Events teams at the IPA and thoroughly enjoys leading teams of highly engaged and creative professionals. With the aim of driving membership growth and brand awareness, Catherine sets up her teams for success by providing an environment in which they can flourish.

          Catherine has postgraduate qualifications in Direct Marketing and Communications, in addition to a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management.


          Vicki Stylianou
          Group Executive Advocacy and Policy

          Vicki came to the IPA in June 2007 from Federal Treasury, where she worked in tax policy, financial literacy, prudential regulation and in the Office of Best Practice Regulation on secondment. Prior to this, Vicki worked as a lawyer in private practice specialising in commercial litigation both in Australia and overseas. Vicki holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration (International Business).

          At the IPA, Vicki leads the team responsible for policy and advocacy work, as well as the innovation part of the business unit, which focuses on matters of interest to small business and small to medium practices.

          Vicki's role also covers member technical resources, being a media spokesperson and editorial content of IPA's publications.


          John Edwards
          Group International Executive

          Prior to taking on the role of CEO of the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) in April 2015, John has held a number of senior roles throughout his career working both in the private and not-for-profit sectors in companies of all shapes and sizes, gaining a wealth of experience. His considerable knowledge of the accounting profession was achieved when he worked for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) for many years. He is also a Fellow member of the IFA and of the Institute of Public Accountants of Australia.

          Before joining the IFA, John worked for a range of SME/SMPs as a business consultant helping them to strategically develop and grow their businesses. He was also the chief operating officer of a venture capitalist business investing and developing companies across many sectors including: construction; information technology; motor sport; events and marketing; charities; cruise liners and airlines.


          Naomi Knight
          Group Executive People and Strategy

          Naomi heads up the People and Wellbeing team and is leading them in the development and implementation of the IPA Group People Strategy. In her role, Naomi also provides strategic and operational human resource management for the Group, and advice to IPA managers and staff to deliver support in all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Naomi and the People and Wellbeing team play a key role in enhancing the focus of wellbeing and aim to create an environment where our people are supported and can thrive in their roles.
          Since joining the IPA in 2002, Naomi has held a number of senior roles across the business. With experience working in finance, member retention, corporate services and IT support, Naomi has had the opportunity to gain valuable insight into all areas of the IPA business, giving her a unique advantage in her current position, supporting and leading our people.
          Naomi is a member of the IPA and of AHRI and holds a Graduate Certificate in HR leadership.

          Rong Chen
          Director, IPA GROUP - CHINA

          Ms. Rong Chen holds MA, Teaching Certificate for High Education and Associate Professor. She has been responsible for IPA China business since 2007. Ms. Rong Chen was appointed International Education Manager in 2013 and responsible for continuing professional education programs in some overseas market and she was appointed as General Manager International Education in 2016 and Director International Strategy - IPA Group in 2020. Ms. Rong Chen has rich work experience in teaching and research in China and Australia universities, Foreign Affairs, Language Training Centre and high education management area. Ms. Rong Chen puts endeavor into promoting mutual communication between accounting professional across the borders, exchange of technical contents and talents and free continuing professional education for members. Innovation and improvement are the key for her work, and she believes only growing and improving organizations are outstanding organizations which can lead members to embrace changes across the field and the era.

          安德魯于2001年榮獲伊麗莎白二世女王陛下賜予的聯邦百年勛章之澳大利亞勛章;2011年獲“澳大利亞專業人士”獎項中的“2011年度青年專業人士”榮譽稱號,同年被聘任為上海財經大學會計學榮譽教授,是迪肯大學和蘭州大學訪問學者。2014年11月,安德魯被評選為AFR Boss雜志“年度杰出青年執行官”,并于2015年當選迪肯大學年度青年校友,目前是副校長特聘研究員。除此而外,安德魯還在大型政府機構任公職。
          安德魯領導IPA轉型,率先推出具有政策里程碑意義的《澳大利亞小企業白皮書》。在他的帶領下,IPA成功合并財務會計師公會(IFA)成立公共會計師協會集團(IPA Group),鞏固了IPA在全球的行業地位。




          集團執行總監 - 會員連接


          集團執行總監 – 倡導與政策

          2015年4月起,約翰開始擔任IFA首席執行官。在此之前,曾在私人和非營利企業工作過,獲得了豐富的經驗,也在英格蘭及威爾士特許會計師協會的工作中積累了廣博的會計知識,同時他也是IPA 及IFA 的資深成員。


          集團總監 – 中國 Group Director – China
          陳榮女士持有文學碩士學位及高等教育教師資格,副教授,自2007年起負責公共會計師協會集團在中國的各項業務。陳榮自2013年兼任國際教育經理負責部分地區海外繼續教育項目拓展工作,2016年任國際教育總經理,2020 年11月起任協會集團中國事務總監,全面負責中國業務以及戰略發展。陳榮先后在高等院校、外事辦公室、英語語言培訓中心、澳大利亞高等院校工作,曾長期從事高等教育教學與研究,具有豐富的教育管理經驗。陳榮致力于公共會計師協會品牌推廣和中澳兩國人才交流。她自從任職公共會計師協會以來為推動中澳會計財務領域專業技術交流、人才交流、繼續教育培訓與專業人才培養做了大量創新工作。她堅信專業會計師組織的價值在于引領和共同成長,只有不斷進步和引領會員擁抱跨領域與時代變革的組織才是優秀的組織。

          聯系我們 網站地圖 IPA會員中心及商城會員隱私政策 IPA會員中心及商城服務協議


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