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          澳大利亞特許會計師協會(CA ANZ)、澳洲會計師公會(CPA Australia)和公共會計師協會(IPA)("聯合會計機構")修訂并重新發布了對澳大利亞審計從業人員的能力要求。更多信息請點擊這里



          公共會計師協會集團(IPA Group)的首席執行官談公共會計師協會(IPA)的合規團隊如何維護公眾對行業的信心



          Competency requirements for review engagements in Australia
          Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), CPA Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) (“the Joint Accounting Bodies”) have revised and reissued Competency requirements for assurance practitioners undertaking review engagements in Australia. More information here

          Disclosure of Member Information to Third Parties
          The IPA has published an information sheet in relation to the disclosure of information by IPA to third parties. The IPA encourages all Members to review this information which covers IPA’s obligation, if any, to disclose information of IPA Members to third parties, parameters of such disclosures of information, privacy considerations in respect of such disclosures of information and best practice processes for the IPA to follow in relation to such disclosure of information. The IPA acknowledges the importance of privacy and of safeguarding personal information. Further information regarding IPA’s Privacy Policy is available on our website.

          APESB issues revised pronouncements
          Members should be aware that the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board Limited (APESB) has issued revised pronouncements. More information here

          IPA Group CEO speaks on how the IPA Compliance Team upholds Public Confidence in the profession
          The IPA Group Compliance Team plays an important part in building public trust and maintaining confidence for accountants. To learn more about how you can help the Compliance Team maintain professional and ethical standards, click here.

          IPA Register of Members

          The Register of Members lists is the Member Register of the Institute of Public Accountants. The board of directors extend their congratulations to all new members and those who have advanced in status. View the Register of Members here

          Update your email preferences
          Based on the results of our satisfaction survey last year, we have changed the way we send you emails. You can now select which CPD topics and member offers you are interested in. More information here
          Small Business Energy Incentive
          The Government announced the Small Business Energy Incentive in the lead up to last week’s budget. This incentive provides a maximum tax deduction of $20,000 to each eligible small business. 
          More information here

          Sustainability and ESG Perspective on Federal Budget 2022
          Aletta Boshoff, Partner BDO Australia, explains that it’s heartening to see the Government acknowledge renewable energy and strong strategic industries in global supply chains as driving growth and modernising our economy. 
          More information here

          New International Sustainability Standards Board consultations
          The ISSB has released its Consultation on Agenda Priorities and an Exposure Draft on the International Applicability of the SASB Standards. 
          More information here
          Public beneficial ownership register: additional funding
          The government has announced it will provide $1.9m over two years from the 2023-24 income year to establish a public registry of beneficial ownership of companies. 
          More information here

          Small business energy incentive: bonus deduction
          Treasurer has announced the Small Business Energy Incentive which will provide certain businesses with an addition 20% deduction on certain energy efficient spending. 
          More information here

          Parenting payment (single): cut off age increased
          The government has announced that the age cut-off for Parenting Payment (single) will be raised from 8 to 14. 
          More information here

          Car expenses: cents-per-km rate draft instrument
          ATO has released a draft instrument that proposes to set the rate or work-related car expense deductions at 85c per kilometre for 2023-24. 
          More information here

          Not-for-profits update
          ATO has released the May update to the monthly publication which focusses on the not-for-profits sector. 
          More information here

          TLA (No 2) 2023 Bill introduced
          Government has introduced a Bill which implements a few of the minor Budget measures including the Medicare levy, and the PAYG and GST instalment uplift factor. 
          More information here

          Second person failed for major PAYG and GST fraud
          ATO and the AFP have issued a media release confirming that a second person has been failed in relation to their joint investigation named Operation Elbrus.
           More information here

          Senate inquiry into TLAB 2023 Measures No.1
          On 2 May 2023, the Senate Economics Legislation Committee held a public hearing for the inquiry into Treasury Laws Amendment (2023 Measures No.1) Bill 2023. The hearing focused on Schedules 4 and 5 of the Bill. Tony Greco gave evidence at the hearing on behalf of the IPA in relation to Schedule 4 only, and expressed support for the concerns of the other professional bodies in relation to Schedule 5.
           More information here

          New Lodgment deferral function videos now available
          The ATO have created 2 instructional videos to support your use of the new Lodgment deferral function in Online services for agents. The videos provide step-by-step instructions. 
          More information here

          Offsetting credits and refunds from debts on hold
          Over the next two weeks the ATO will be providing registered agents with a listing of all their clients with debts on hold greater than $10 where we expect they may receive a refund or credit this year that will be applied to the debt. This initial list will contain only those clients expected to be impacted by offsetting.
           More information here
          Internal dispute resolution data reporting requirements
          ASIC has registered an instrument which makes minor changes to the internal dispute resolution data reporting framework. 
          More information here

          Managing small business debts
          If you’re in small business and struggling with your finances, watch the Victorian Small Business Commission’s (VSBC) panel discussion, where panellists talk about practical tools that you can use to help manage your debts. 
          More information here

          Asking for help early on
          If you’re unsure or dealing with a complex matter, call the ATO. Speaking with them early on helps them to understand your situation and provide tailored advice on your available options. Find out more about how the ATO can provide support in difficult times. 
          More information here
          Payday super
          The Treasurer has announced that employers will be required to pay their employees’ super at the same time as their salary and wages from 1 July 2026. 
          More information here

          Taxation of military super payments: draft regs
          Treasury has released draft regulations which will complement the proposed changes to military super. 
          More information here
          Super Data Transformation update
          APRA has published additional FAQs on the Superannuation Data Transformation project. 
          More information here
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