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          銀行和其他金融機構經常要求會計師為他們提供有關客戶有能力滿足貸款條件的保證書。公共會計師協會(IPA)與澳大利亞注冊會計師協會(CPA Australia)和澳大利亞及新西蘭特許會計師協會(Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand,簡稱:CA ANZ)合作,開發了一個多用途工具箱供會員使用。更多信息請點擊這里

          CA ANZ、CPA Australia和IPA("聯合會計機構")修訂并重新發布了對澳大利亞審計從業人員的能力要求。更多信息請點擊這里



          公共會計師協會集團(IPA Group)的首席執行官談IPA的合規團隊如何維護公眾對行業的信心



          Accountants Toolkit
          Banks and other financial institutions frequently ask accountants to provide them with letters of assurance about their client’s ability to satisfy lending conditions. The IPA has been working with CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to develop an extensive toolkit for members to useMore information here

          Competency requirements for review engagements in Australia
          Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), CPA Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) (“the Joint Accounting Bodies”) have revised and reissued Competency requirements for assurance practitioners undertaking review engagements in Australia. More information here

          Disclosure of Member Information to Third Parties
          The IPA has published an information sheet in relation to the disclosure of information by IPA to third parties. The IPA encourages all Members to review this information which covers IPA’s obligation, if any, to disclose information of IPA Members to third parties, parameters of such disclosures of information, privacy considerations in respect of such disclosures of information and best practice processes for the IPA to follow in relation to such disclosure of information. The IPA acknowledges the importance of privacy and of safeguarding personal information. Further information regarding IPA’s Privacy Policy is available on our website.

          APESB issues revised pronouncements
          Members should be aware that the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board Limited (APESB) has issued revised pronouncements. More information here

          IPA Group CEO speaks on how the IPA Compliance Team upholds Public Confidence in the profession
          The IPA Group Compliance Team plays an important part in building public trust and maintaining confidence for accountants. To learn more about how you can help the Compliance Team maintain professional and ethical standards, click here.

          IPA Register of Members

          The Register of Members lists is the Member Register of the Institute of Public Accountants. The board of directors extend their congratulations to all new members and those who have advanced in status. View the Register of Members here

          Update your email preferences
          Based on the results of our satisfaction survey last year, we have changed the way we send you emails. You can now select which CPD topics and member offers you are interested in. More information here
          Availability of 2023 Tax checklists
          IPA Tax checklists for Individuals, Companies, Trusts and Partnerships are now liveMore information here

          IGTO Quarterly Reporting Pack Quarter 3, 2022-2023
          The IGTO Quarterly Reporting Pack provides progressive updates against the latest IGTO Corporate Plan. The Quarter 3, 2022-2023 report has been issued. More information here

          TPB webinar: Keeping it secure
          In our technology driven world where online data storage is commonplace, data security is more important than ever. Find out what your responsibilities are in relation to keeping your client data secure by registering for the TPB webinar on Thursday, 22 June 2023 AEST 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Online. More information here

          Addendum to TD 2012/22: trusts
          The ATO has issued an addendum to TD 2012/22, its ruling on using the proportionate approach to determine a beneficiary’s share of the net income of a trust. More information here

          Car depreciation limit
          The ATO has updated the car cost limit for depreciation for the 2023-24 financial year to $68,108. More information here

          NSW purchaser duty and land tax surcharges: more DTA countries
          Revenue NSW has advised of four more countries that have international tax treaties which limits the ability of the NSW government to impose surcharge purchaser duty. More information here

          NSW moots stronger penalties for confidentiality breaches
          NSW Minister for Finance has advised that the government was considering implementing new penalties for sharing confidential tax related information. More information here

          Board of Taxation Chair reappointed
          The government has announced the reappointment of the Chair of the Board of Taxation for a three-year period. More information here

          New Chair of TPB
          Government has announced the appointment a new Chair of the TPB for a three-year period. More information here 

          Measures No 1 Bill: Senate Committee report
          Senate Economics Legislation Committee has released its report into the measures contained in Taxation Laws Amendment (No 1) Bill 2023. More information here

          Government issues tax scam warning
          Government has issued a media release warning taxpayers to wary to tax scams this tax time. More information here

          Labour costs incurred in creating capital assets
          ATO has issued a ruling which sets out its view on when certain labour costs related to creation of a capital asset are capital expenses. More information here

          Residency tests for individuals
          ATO has released a ruling which considers the key tax residency tests for individuals after some significant cases on residency. More information here

          Strategic plan for Australia’s payment system
          Government has released its strategic plan for Australia’s payments system highlighting key priorities and supporting initiatives. More information here

          TPB case study released
          TPB has issued a case study where a tax agent had their registration terminated having been found to have breached Code of Professional Conduct. More information here

          Taxation statistics 2020-21 released
          The ATO has released its taxation statistics for the 2020-21 financial year including some notable on tax return lodgement and liabilities. More information here

          PAYG withholding schedules for 2023-24 released
          The instrument that makes available all the withholding schedules for the 2023-24 year has been registered. More information here
          Financial adviser registration requirements extended
          ASIC has announced that it will extend the date by which financial advisers who provide personal advice to retail clients on relevant financial products must be registered. More information here

          AMP penalised for charging deceased customers: ASIC
          ASIC has issued a media release advising that four companies that were or are part of the AMP group have been found to have breached the law re charging deceased customers. More information here

          Small business lodgement penalty amnesty
          ATO has reminded small businesses to take advantage of a lodgement amnesty announced in the 2023-24 Budget. More information here

          ASIC focus areas for June 2023 reporting
          ASIC has highlighted its areas for attention in relation to financial reports for full and half-years ending 30 June 2023. More information here
          Adjustment of super entitlements on divorce
          A determination has been registered which specifies the interest rate to be used for adjusting the based amount allocated in a court order or agreement. More information here

          Updated reporting standards under SDT project
          APRA has determined nine updated reporting standards following its proposed minor amendments to these standards under Phase one of the SDT project. More information here

          SDT forum notes released
          ASIC has released notes from the Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) Strategic Forum. More information here

          Notes on fourth Superannuation CEO Roundtable
          ASIC and APRA have released the public notes on the fourth superannuation CEO roundtable. More information here
          IGTO Quarterly reporting pack
          IGTO has released its FY23 Q3 reporting pack highlighting activities during the quarter including complaints and KPI results. More information here

          APRA’s statement of intent released
          APRA has published its statement of intent in response to the government’s statement of expectations. More information here
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